Biobased polyethylene compounds for extrusion and injection molding

Terralene® is a tailor-made family of polyethylene compounds based on renewable raw materials. All Terralene® grades are based on sugar cane as a raw material thus making a valuable contribution to the conservation of fossil resources. Due to the durability of Terralene®, it is possible to pro- duce items which are designed for a long service life. The material can be processed on existing produc- tion equipment without any adjustments. After use, Terralene® products can be placed back into existing polyethylene recycling streams without any detriment to the recyclate.


Terralene® supports our customers in achieving their sustainability goals economically.

A major application for Terralene® is for exible packaging in the food sector. As a result of the barrier properties of Terralene®, for the rst time, moisture and oxygen sensitive products can be packaged in bio- plastics thus providing a longer shelf life for the product. Even sophisticated ”vertical form ll and seal“ (VFFS) applications can be achieved due to the high toughness and sealing strength of Terralene® films. Terralene® offers a high barrier and has outstanding chemical resistance. In addition to food, cosmetics and cleaning products can now be packaged. These have a stability in storage which is comparable to conventional polyethylene packaging.



Applications TERRALENE

paper lamination


bottle crates

Advantages of TERRALENE

Diversified portfolio of extrusion, blow molding and injection grades

High percentage of renewable raw materials

Can be processed on existing equipment

Good barrier properties

Fully recyclable

Conservation of fossil resources