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SKYi Innovations was established with broader vision of developing environmental friendly sustainable solutions. The evolution of digital technology into all aspects of life requires new materials which are lighter, non metallic and can also counter issues like climate change, health hazards. Together with our global partners, we develop solutions based on polymeric materials for our customers. We are leading manufacturers of long fiber thermoplastics (LFT) globally with largest production facility in India. We represent FkuR GmbH in Southeast Asia for biocompostable polymer materials. As a technology leader, we are pioneer in developing different products such as thermoplastics UD tapes for High Tech engineering applications.


At SKYi we design and manufacture materials for sustainable future. We strive to bring innovative solutions to the market which are environmentally and financially sustainable.
We aim to reduce our operational footprint and develop more sustainable products and services. We collaborate with customers, suppliers, governments, academic institutions and others to develop innovative solutions abundant and sustainable energy and protection of people and the planet.

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