Long Fiber Thermoplastics Composites

LFT Products

Enhanced Quality Cutting Edge Material Technology

Our Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) can be used for various applications in conventional processes like Injection molding, blow molding and compression molding.

Our products comprise Stärk, Stabil, Treei, Carbon composites and UD -Tapes.


High-value LFTs for wide-based, high-tech use

  • Perfect alternative to conventional plastics and metal
  • Based on glass fibre with fibre contents ranging from 20 to 60
  • LFT with bases like PP, Nylon, PET and PBT


Special-purpose LFTs with enhanced capabilities

  • Customisable to suit specific application requirement
  • Stabilised for Temperature and Ultra-Violet light
  • Superior surface finish to product


Range of eco-friendly and green LFTs

  • Based on Biopolymers and recycled polymers
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Reusable and recyclable to a high degree

Carbon Composites

Long carbon fiber reinforced (LCF) product for high tech applications

  • tailored to meet customer specific design and performance requirements
  • Extremely high stiffness and high strength
  • Extremely lightweight and can withstand high temperature conditions

UD Tapes

Uni-directional (UD) reinforced tapes based on glass or carbon fibres

  • Available in the range of fibre areal weights and resin contents
  • Improved tensile strength and stiffness while adding minimum thickness and weight
  • Applications in the area of extreme mechanical requirements.
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