Not just products, but we also guide in design and prototyping based on our deep knowledge of LFT materials

Along with a new material there come new challenges in design and manufacturing. We offer completely customised solutions based on your unique needs, from analysis to prototyping, testing and production to ensure that your transition from conventional materials to SKYi LFTs is faultless.

Understanding your needs and challenges with utmost clarity is the beginning of our solution process.

Need analysis involves processing current situations such as service conditions based on the desired thermal, mechanical and chemical properties. We also analyse the design of your part, and factor in mould, assembly, manufacturing, and quality considerations.

  • Overview of existing materials and manufacturing setup
  • Study of desired performance parameters
  • Analysis of design with manufacturing considerations
Basic 3D visualisation of part to be manufactured using our long-fibre thermoplastic products.

Based on existing 2D drawings of existing components and the material selected after need analysis, we prepare basic visualisations of 3D models considering the boundary conditions, material properties and manufacturability.

  • Study of existing drawings
  • Creation of 3D models considering part in SKYi LFT
  • Focus on ease of manufacturing
Flow and structural simulations to understand the product feasibility if made with LFTs.

From our 3D concept of the part, we conduct Flow CAE to determine weld lines, air traps and vent locations, hot spots and optimum processing conditions. Mechanical CAE is also conducted for strength and failure analysis, as well as the vibro-acoustic modelling of the part.

  • Flow CAE for part analysis
  • Mechanical CAE for strength and failure analysis
  • Vibro-acoustic modelling
Final stage real-world prototyping of part in LFT with extensive testing for quality.

The analysed and engineered part is finally produced as a prototype for the complete testing of mechanical, chemical and fatigue properties of the part. This the last stage before the part goes into production, its previous raw material replaced with new-age LFTs.

  • Prototyping and testing of part made from SKYi LFT
  • Complete testing of mechanical and chemical properties
  • Part verified and signed off for large-scale production
Support on tooling, mould design, and technical support through the initial phases of production.

Our job is not done until our customers gain complete confidence in their newly developed LFT parts. For this, we provide suggestions and support with their tooling and mould design. Once the moulds go into production, our team of technical experts provide support through the initial stages of production.

  • Support to create technically sound tooling for new LFT part
  • Constant interaction until the production mould design is finalised
  • Technical support during Pilot production trial