This new way of looking at thermoplastics is resulting in materials which are stronger, safer and more durable than their current counterparts.The proprietary technology developed by SKYi creates long glass fibres embedded within polymer pellets to form a material that is ready for injection moulding, sheet compression moulding and extrusion compression moulding.

LFT Composites

High performance compounds for light weighting

Whether the challenge is durability, stiffness, workability, finish or strength, our broad range of long fibre composites support design freedom, without sacrificing performance. And our application resources are equally mindful of timing and cost-effectiveness with each project, in industries from automotive to electronics, consumer goods to industrial markets. Wherever you have engineering, molding or manufacturing operations, SKYi is ready to help, with technical support and production.

High Energy Absorption
Weight Reduction
Higher Creep Resistance
Heat Deflection
SKYi LFT and its uniqueness
We create long fibres within polymer matrix to form a moldable material.
  • Every single fibre is impregnated with polymer
  • Stronger safer and more durable than metals and short fibre thermoplastics
  • Customized formulations with consistent quality
  • Easily processed in a standard molding process
  • Smoother processing and protection of screws and barrels
  • 3D fibre network ensures an optimal transfer of forces from polymer matrix

Indigeneously Developed Process Technology

Our manufacturing process makes us the only company in India with the ability to produce LFT without any dependencies and scale up immediately. Our newly installed LFT production line is one of the biggest world wide.

Indigeneously Developed Process Technology